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Earl 3 years ago
She’s a champ!
prac 8 years ago
this chick fucking rules.
Nothing beats young dumb sluts 3 years ago
18 yr old high school ballerina what a dream
ballz 10 years ago
somewhere, one man has defined what it is to be a failure as a father, and i applaud him for his services to us.
pjspls 5 years ago
Apparently she did like 6 videos underage with a fake id. She was like 16/17 sorta thing. She stopped when the police turned up at the 7th shoot. I heard she ended up suing the production company and they settled out of court. She came back at 18 and started doing like the gloryhole vids etc.
Dick Dollar 3 years ago
She's perfect..
Claire Evens VeVo you are a li 6 years ago
the real Claire became a christian
xxxx 7 years ago
nice pussy ......
seve 8 years ago
I have never screened this video without emptying a huge load.. she is adorable!
Flasteve 6 years ago
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